PubMed 10464262

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Title: Phosphorylation is required for alteration of kv1.5 K(+) channel function by the Kvbeta1.3 subunit.

Authors: Y G Kwak, R A Navarro-Polanco, T Grobaski, D J Gallagher, M M Tamkun

Journal, date & volume: J. Biol. Chem., 1999 Sep 3 , 274, 25355-61

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The Kv1.5 K(+) channel is functionally altered by coassembly with the Kvbeta1.3 subunit, which induces fast inactivation and a hyperpolarizing shift in the activation curve. Here we examine kinase regulation of Kv1.5/Kvbeta1.3 interaction after coexpression in human embryonic kidney 293 cells. The protein kinase C inhibitor calphostin C (3 microM) removed the fast inactivation (66 +/- 1.9 versus 11 +/- 0.25%, steady state/peak current) and the beta-induced hyperpolarizing voltage shift in the activation midpoint (V(1/2)) (-21.9 +/- 1.4 versus -4.3 +/- 2.0 mV). Calphostin C had no effect on Kv1.5 alone with respect to inactivation kinetics and V(1/2). Okadaic acid, but not the inactive derivative, blunted both calphostin C effects (V(1/2) = -17.6 +/- 2.2 mV, 38 +/- 1.8% inactivation), consistent with dephosphorylation being required for calphostin C action. Calphostin C also removed the fast inactivation (57 +/- 2.6 versus 16 +/- 0.6%) and the shift in V(1/2) (-22.1 +/- 1.4 versus -2.1 +/- 2.0 mV) conferred onto Kv1.5 by the Kvbeta1.2 subunit, which shares only C terminus sequence identity with Kvbeta1. 3. In contrast, modulation of Kv1.5 by the Kvbeta2.1 subunit was unaffected by calphostin C. These data suggest that Kvbeta1.2 and Kvbeta1.3 subunit modification of Kv1.5 inactivation and voltage sensitivity require phosphorylation by protein kinase C or a related kinase.