PubMed 9707431

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.5 , Kv2.1

Title: Constitutive activation of delayed-rectifier potassium channels by a src family tyrosine kinase in Schwann cells.

Authors: A Sobko, A Peretz, B Attali

Journal, date & volume: EMBO J., 1998 Aug 17 , 17, 4723-34

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In the nervous system, Src family tyrosine kinases are thought to be involved in cell growth, migration, differentiation, apoptosis, as well as in myelination and synaptic plasticity. Emerging evidence indicates that K+ channels are crucial targets of Src tyrosine kinases. However, most of the data accumulated so far refer to heterologous expression, and native K+-channel substrates of Src or Fyn in neurons and glia remain to be elucidated. The present study shows that a Src family tyrosine kinase constitutively activates delayed-rectifier K+ channels (IK) in mouse Schwann cells (SCs). IK currents are markedly downregulated upon exposure of cells to the tyrosine kinase inhibitors herbimycin A and genistein, while a potent upregulation of IK is observed when recombinant Fyn kinase is introduced through the patch pipette. The Kv1.5 and Kv2.1 K+-channel alpha subunits are constitutively tyrosine phosphorylated and physically associate with Fyn both in cultured SCs and in the sciatic nerve in vivo. Kv2.1- channel subunits are found to interact with the Fyn SH2 domain. Inhibition of Schwann cell proliferation by herbimycin A and by K+-channel blockers suggests that the functional linkage between Src tyrosine kinases and IK channels could be important for Schwann cell proliferation and the onset of myelination.