PubMed 10100326

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.3 , Kv2.1

Title: Influence of non-P region domains on selectivity filter properties in voltage-gated K+ channels.

Authors: D Immke, L Kiss, J LoTurco, S J Korn

Journal, date & volume: Recept. Channels, 1998 , 6, 179-88

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The selectivity filter in voltage-gated K+ channels is formed at the interface of the pore loops (S5-S6 loop) from four channel subunits. Whereas most K+ channels are essentially impermeable to Na+, the Kv2.1 K+ channel conducts Na+ relatively well in the absence of K+ and selects for K+ over Na+ at least partially by an affinity-based competition mechanism. To examine whether the ability of Kv2.1 to conduct Na+ reflected unique properties of either its S5-S6 loop or channel domains that held the S5-S6 loop in place (the scaffolding), we studied chimeras made from Kv1.3 (which is completely impermeable to Na+) and Kv2.1. Chimeras that contained either the S5-S6 loop from Kv1.3 inserted into the Kv2.1 scaffolding or vice versa both made highly selective K+ channels that conducted Na+ and displayed competition between Na+ and K+ for conduction through the pore: In channels that contained the S5-S6 loop from Kv2.1, concentration-dependent block of Na+ current by either external or internal K+ differed depending on whether Kv2.1 or Kv1.3 donated the scaffolding. These results indicate that neither the S5-S6 loop nor the scaffolding from Kv2.1 possess unique attributes that permit Na+ to conduct through the channel. Furthermore, these results indicate that the competitive interaction between K+ and Na+ at the selectivity filter is determined not only by the S5-S6 loop but also by the scaffolding that holds the S5-S6 loop.