PubMed 10682853

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Automatically associated channels: Kir2.1 , Kir2.4 , Kir3.1 , Kir3.4

Title: Expression of GIRK (Kir3.1/Kir3.4) channels in mouse fibroblast cells with and without beta1 integrins.

Authors: T Ivanina, C Neusch, Y X Li, Y Tong, C Labarca, D F Mosher, H A Lester

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2000 Jan 28 , 466, 327-32

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G protein-activated K+ channel (GIRK) subunits possess a conserved extracellular integrin-binding motif (RGD) and bind directly to beta1 integrins. We expressed GIRK1/GIRK4 channels labeled with green fluorescent protein in fibroblast cell lines expressing or lacking beta1 integrins. Neither plasma membrane localization nor agonist-evoked GIRK currents were affected by the absence of beta1 integrins or by incubation with externally applied RGD-containing peptide. Mutation of the aspartate (D) of RGD impaired currents, GIRK glycosylation, and membrane localization, but the interaction with beta1 integrins remained intact. Thus, beta1 integrins are not essential for functional GIRK expression; and the GIRK-integrin interactions involve structural elements other than the RGD motif.