PubMed 11282004

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Title: Is rabbit CLCA1 related to the basolateral Ca2+ -dependent Cl- channel of gastric parietal cells?

Authors: H Sakai, M Ukai, A Ikari, S Asano, N Tkeguchi

Journal, date & volume: Jpn. J. Physiol., 2001 Feb , 51, 121-5

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An expression of mRNA coding the calcium-activated Cl- channel-1 (CLCA1) in rabbit gastric parietal cells was examined to verify the possibility that the CLCA1 mediates housekeeping Cl- channels in the basolateral membrane. In whole-cell voltage-clamp experiments of rabbit parietal cells, A23187 (2 microM), a Ca2+ ionophore, activated the basolateral Cl- channels. The partial cDNA fragment of rabbit CLCA1 could be amplified from the total RNA of tracheal epithelium. A Northern blot analysis showed that rabbit CLCA1 mRNA of 3.4 kb is highly expressed in the tracheal epithelium, but not in the gastric parietal cells. Even in a more sensitive detection of rabbit CLCA1 mRNA by RT-PCR, no signal could be observed in the gastric parietal cells. These results suggest that the CLCA1 protein may not be a subunit of the housekeeping Ca2+ -dependent Cl- channel in the basolateral membrane of rabbit gastric parietal cells.