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Title: Revisiting cangitoxin, a sea anemone peptide: purification and characterization of cangitoxins II and III from the venom of Bunodosoma cangicum.

Authors: André Junqueira Zaharenko, Wilson Alves Ferreira, Joacir Stolarz de Oliveira, Katsuhiro Konno, Michael Richardson, Emanuele Schiavon, Enzo Wanke, José Carlos de Freitas

Journal, date & volume: Toxicon, 2008 Jun 1 , 51, 1303-7

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Sodium channel toxins from sea anemones are employed as tools for dissecting the biophysical properties of inactivation in voltage-gated sodium channels. Cangitoxin (CGTX) is a peptide containing 48 amino acid residues and was formerly purified from Bunodosoma cangicum. Nevertheless, previous works reporting the isolation procedures for such peptide from B. cangicum secretions are controversial and may lead to incorrect information. In this paper, we report a simple and rapid procedure, consisting of two chromatographic steps, in order to obtain a CGTX analog directly from sea anemone venom. We also report a substitution of N16D in this peptide sample and the co-elution of an inseparable minor isoform presenting the R14H substitution. Peptides are named as CGTX-II and CGTX-III, and their effects over Nav1.1 channels in patch clamp experiments are demonstrated.