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Title: Regional expression of the splice variants of Kv4.3 in rat brain and effects of C-terminus deletion on expressed K+ currents.

Authors: S Ohya, M Tanaka, T Oku, T Furuyama, N Mori, W R Giles, M Watanabe, Y Imaizumi

Journal, date & volume: Life Sci., 2001 Mar 2 , 68, 1703-16

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In situ hybridization and RT-PCR analyses have revealed that, among three Kv4.3 splice variants (a, b, and c) with distinct C-terminal cytoplasmic domains, the mRNA for Kv4.3a is abundant in cerebral cortex, cerebellum, olfactory bulb, and medulla oblongata, whereas the mRNA for Kv4.3c is localized mainly to hippocampus. Three new distinct splice variants of Kv4.3 (Kv4.3d, e and f), which consist of 601, 635, and 628 amino acids, respectively, and have distinct C-terminal cytoplasmic domains, were isolated from rat brain by RT-PCR. Kv4.3b, d, e and f were expressed at much lower levels in brain. Mutagenesis which removed 149 amino acids in C-terminal domain of Kv4.3a significantly slowed its rate of recovery from inactivation as measured in heterologous expression in HEK293 cells. Surprisingly, however, neither the rate of inactivation nor voltage dependence of the activation and inactivation were changed.