PubMed 10978540

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Title: Isoform-specific exon skipping in a variant form of ClC-2.

Authors: M E Loewen, D W MacDonald, K J Gaspar, G W Forsyth

Journal, date & volume: Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2000 Sep 7 , 1493, 284-8

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A new form of the widely expressed, volume-regulated chloride channel, ClC-2, has been cloned from a pig ileal cDNA library. This ClC-2 homologue, called ClC-2i, has interesting variability within its cDNA sequence, including the deletion of bases that correspond to positions 1326 through 1401 in rat ClC-2 cDNA sequence. This 75 bp deletion corresponds to the complete loss of exon 13 plus the first four bases of exon 14, and involves an atypical intron-exon splice site. Tissue-specific mRNA expression patterns in the pig show variable degrees of exon 13 skipping in ClC-2i. Exon 13 skipping was also observed in rat ClC-2i, albeit at a higher frequency than in the pig in tissues that were examined. A relatively purine-rich 76 bp insertion in the pig genomic sequence of ClC-2i, close to the 3' end of intron 12, may be responsible for the relatively high frequency of exon 13 skipping during the processing of this mRNA.