PubMed 11060447

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Title: The human inward rectifier K(+) channel subunit kir5.1 (KCNJ16) maps to chromosome 17q25 and is expressed in kidney and pancreas.

Authors: Y Liu, E McKenna, D J Figueroa, R Blevins, C P Austin, P B Bennett, R Swanson

Journal, date & volume: Cytogenet. Cell Genet., 2000 , 90, 60-3

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A novel human Kir5.1 (inward rectifier K+ channel subunit, gene name KCNJ16) was identified through database searches. This human KCNJ16 was mapped to chromosome 17q25. The full-length cDNA was identified and its genomic structure was determined. Tissue distribution studies showed that human KCNJ16 is significantly expressed in human kidney, pancreas and thyroid gland. In situ hybridization revealed expression in convoluted tubule cells of kidney and in the acinar and ductal cells of pancreas. These suggest that human Kir5.1 may be involved in the regulation of fluid and pH balance, thus making it a potential therapeutic target for hypertension, renal failure, or pancreatic disease.