PubMed 10954336

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Automatically associated channels: Cav2.1 , Kir2.1 , Kir6.2

Title: Identification of molecular regions responsible for the membrane trafficking of Kir6.2.

Authors: E Hough, D J Beech, A Sivaprasadarao

Journal, date & volume: Pflugers Arch., 2000 Jul , 440, 481-7

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The subunits of the pancreatic ATP-sensitive potassium channel Kir6.2 and the sulphonylurea receptor (SUR1) contain endoplasmic reticulum (ER) retention signals (RKR), which prevent their plasma membrane expression when expressed individually. When co-expressed, however, these signals are masked and the complex traffics to the plasma membrane. To investigate this further, we have expressed epitope-tagged chimaeras between Kir6.2 and Kir2.1 (which traffics to the membrane independently of SUR1) in Xenopus oocytes alone and together with SUR1. By staining sections of the oocytes, we show that, in addition to the ER retention signal present in the distal C-terminus, the M2 transmembrane and the proximal C-terminal regions also contribute to the inability of Kir6.2 to traffic to the membrane in the absence of SUR1. Furthermore, by staining the whole oocytes for the hexa-histidine tag attached to the N-terminus of SUR1, we provide direct experimental evidence that the N-terminus of SUR1 is extracellular.