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Title: Cloning and functional expression of rat eag2, a new member of the ether-à-go-go family of potassium channels and comparison of its distribution with that of eag1.

Authors: J Ludwig, R Weseloh, C Karschin, Q Liu, R Netzer, B Engeland, C Stansfeld, O Pongs

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Cell. Neurosci., 2000 Jul , 16, 59-70

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A second mammalian gene for the ether-à-go-go (eag) potassium channel has been cloned from the rat, and its predicted protein sequence is 70% identical to that of rat ether-à-go-go1 with a further 10% conservatively replaced residues. The rat eag2 mRNA was predominantly expressed in neural tissue and was not detected in adult skeletal, cardiac, or smooth muscle. Within the brain, its distribution overlaps that of rat ether-à-go-go1 in specific regions within the cortex and olfactory bulb, but was differentially distributed in other locations, being scanty within the cerebellum, and most notably present in the thalamus, inferior colliculus, and certain brainstem nuclei. Heterologous expression of rat eag2 in HEK-293 cells gave rise to a voltage-gated, noninactivating potassium current, active at the cells' resting potential and blocked by low nanomolar concentrations of cytosolic calcium. Thus, in neurones, this current is likely to impart a modulation in membrane conductance, which is sensitively responsive to resting internal calcium, and levels of electrical activity.