PubMed 12721103

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Title: Effects of flecainide and quinidine on Kv4.2 currents: voltage dependence and role of S6 valines.

Authors: Ricardo Caballero, Marc Pourrier, Gernot Schram, Eva Delpón, Juan Tamargo, Stanley Nattel

Journal, date & volume: Br. J. Pharmacol., 2003 Apr , 138, 1475-84

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1. The effects of flecainide and quinidine were studied on wild-type Kv4.2 channels (Kv4.2WT), channels with deletion of the N-terminal domain (N-del) and channels with mutations in the valine residues located at positions 402 and 404 in the presence (V[402,404]I) or in the absence (N-del/V[402,404]I) of the N-terminus. 2. The experiments were performed at 37 degrees C on COS7 cells using the whole-cell configuration of the patch-clamp technique. 3. Flecainide and quinidine inhibited Kv4.2WT currents in a concentration-dependent manner (IC(50)=23.6+/-1.1 and 12.0+/-1.4 microMat +50 mV, respectively), similar to their potency for the rest of the constructs at the same voltage. In Kv4.2WT channels, flecainide- and quinidine-induced block increased as channel inactivation increased. In addition, the inhibition produced by quinidine, but not by flecainide, increased significantly at positive test potentials. Similar effects were observed in N-del channels. However, in V[402,404]I and N-del/V[402,404]I channels, the voltage dependence of block by both quinidine and flecainide was lost, without significant modifications in potency at +50 mV. 4. These results point to an important role for S6 valines at positions 402 and 404 in mediating voltage-dependent block by quinidine and flecainide.