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Title: Ionworks HT: a new high-throughput electrophysiology measurement platform.

Authors: Kirk Schroeder, Brad Neagle, Derek J Trezise, Jennings Worley

Journal, date & volume: , 2003 Feb , 8, 50-64

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To address the throughput restrictions of classical patch clamp electrophysiology, Essen Instruments has developed a plate-based electrophysiology measurement platform. The instrument is an integrated platform that consists of computer-controlled fluid handling, recording electronics, and processing tools capable of voltage clamp whole-cell recordings from thousands of individual cells per day. To establish a recording, the system uses a planar, multiwell substrate (a PatchPlate). The system effectively positions 1 cell into a hole separating 2 fluid compartments in each well of the substrate. Voltage control and current recordings from the cell membrane are made subsequent to gaining access to the cell interior by applying a permeabilizing agent to the intracellular side. Based on the multiwell design of the PatchPlate, voltage clamp recordings of up to 384 individual cells can be made in minutes and are comparable to measurements made using traditional electrophysiology techniques. An integrated pipetting system allows for up to 2 additions of modulation agents. Typical throughput, measurement fidelity, stability, and comparative pharmacology of a recombinant voltage-dependent sodium channel (hNav1.3) and a voltage-gated potassium channel (hKv1.5) exogenously expressed in CHO cells are presented. The IonWorks HT device can be used in biophysical and pharmacological profiling of ion channels in an environment compatible with high-capacity screening.