PubMed 18971294

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Title: omega-conotoxin GVIA alters gating charge movement of N-type (CaV2.2) calcium channels.

Authors: Viktor Yarotskyy, Keith S Elmslie

Journal, date & volume: J. Neurophysiol., 2009 Jan , 101, 332-40

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omega-conotoxin GVIA (omegaCTX) is a specific blocker of N-type calcium (CaV2.2) channels that inhibits neuropathic pain. While the toxin appears to be an open channel blocker, we show that N-channel gating charge movement is modulated. Gating currents were recorded from N-channels expressed along with beta2a and alpha2delta subunits in HEK293 cells in external solutions containing either lanthanum and magnesium (La-Mg) or 5 mM Ca2+ plus omegaCTX (omegaCTX-Ca). A comparison showed that omegaCTX induced a 10-mV right shift in the gating charge versus voltage (Q-V) relationship, smaller off-gating current time constant (tau Q(Off)), a lower tau Q(Off) voltage dependence, and smaller on-gating current (Q(On)) tau. We also examined gating current in La-Mg plus omegaCTX and found no significant difference from that in omegaCTX-Ca; this demonstrates that the modulation was induced by the toxin. A model with strongly reduced open-state occupancy reproduced the omegaCTX effect on gating current and showed that the gating modulation alone would inhibit N-current by 50%. This mechanism of N-channel inhibition could be exploited to develop novel analgesics that induce only a partial block of N-current, which may limit some of the side effects associated with the toxin analgesic currently approved for human use (i.e., Prialt).