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Title: An association of CAG repeats at the KCNN3 locus with symptom dimensions of schizophrenia.

Authors: Michael Ritsner, Ilan Modai, Hana Ziv, Sharon Amir, Tami Halperin, Abraham Weizman, Ruth Navon

Journal, date & volume: Biol. Psychiatry, 2002 May 15 , 51, 788-94

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In 1999 Cardno et al reported that long CAG repeats in the calcium-activated potassium channel gene hSKCa3/KCNN3 are associated with higher negative symptom dimension scores in schizophrenia patients. There has been no attempt to replicate the results. In this study, we investigated whether a symptom polymorphism of schizophrenia is associated with both the CAG repeat numbers and the difference in allele sizes.We tested the association of CAG repeats with symptom models of schizophrenia in 117 unrelated Jewish patients. A multivariate analysis (MANOVA) of two models of schizophrenia with the repeat distribution and the difference in allele sizes was performed.We found a significant positive association of the number of CAG repeats with negative syndrome, anergia, activation, and paranoid symptoms. In addition, nonparanoid schizophrenia patients who had differences in allele sizes were characterized by earlier onset of illness.The study supports the hypothesis that the combined effect of long CAG repeats and the differences in allele sizes contribute to symptom expression of schizophrenia, particularly on the anergia-activation-paranoid axis.