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Title: Estrogen modulates ClC-2 chloride channel gene expression in rat kidney.

Authors: Danielle S Nascimento, Carlos U Reis, Regina C Goldenberg, Tania M Ortiga-Carvalho, Carmen C Pazos-Moura, Sandra E Guggino, William B Guggino, Marcelo M Morales

Journal, date & volume: Pflugers Arch., 2003 Aug , 446, 593-9

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ClC-2 is a CLC family member of chloride channels sensitive to changes in cell volume, pH and voltage. The ClC-2 is widely distributed along the nephron although in the kidney its role still not well understood. Aldosterone studies suggest that ClC-2 expression in the kidney may be hormonally regulated. To explore the possibility that estrogen control ClC-2 expression, we investigated whether its expression changed in the kidney of female Wistar rats subjected to ovariectomy with or without near-physiological or high doses of 17beta-estradiol benzoate treatment for 10 days. Total RNA isolated from rat kidney and dissected nephron segments was analyzed by ribonuclease protection assay and/or a semi-quantitative RT-PCR. The renal ClC-2 protein expression was analyzed by Western blot. The decreased renal expression of ClC-2 mRNA and protein observed in ovariectomized rats was restored to control levels after treatment with low doses of estradiol. Higher dose estradiol lead to an even greater increase in ClC-2 mRNA and protein expression. This change in overall expression was shown to be caused by the modulation of ClC-2 mRNA expression in the proximal tubule. These results suggest that ClC-2 may be involved in estrogen-induced Cl(-) transport in rat kidney.