PubMed 12879165

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Title: Methanethiosulfonate-modification alters local anesthetic block in rNav1.4 cysteine-substituted mutants S1276C and L1280C.

Authors: J P O'Reilly, S Y Wang, G K Wang

Journal, date & volume: J. Membr. Biol., 2003 May 1 , 193, 47-55

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We previously showed that lysine substitutions at two residues in segment 6 of domain 3 in voltage-gated Na(+) channel rNav1.4 (S1276K, L1280K) reduced steady-state inactivated local anesthetic block. Here we studied cysteine substitutions at the same residues (S1276C, L1280C). We used whole-cell recordings to determine local anesthetic block (100 microM bupivacaine) before and after cysteine modification with 1.5 mM 2-aminoethyl methanethiosulfonate (MTSEA). Compared with rNav1.4, steady-state resting bupivacaine block at -180 mV was increased in S1276C, while inactivated block at -50 mV was not different in the mutants. After application of MTSEA at -160 mV, rNav1.4 showed enhanced bupivacaine block and a negative shift in V(1/2) of the bupivacaine affinity curve, while L1280C and S1276C showed a decrease in inactivated bupivacaine block after MTSEA. Application of MTSEA at 0 mV produced similar results in rNav1.4 and L1280C, but an opposite effect in S1276C, i.e., enhancement of bupivacaine block, with a large negative shift in V(1/2) of the bupivacaine affinity curve similar to that found in rNav1.4. We conclude that 1) MTSEA modification of 1276C or 1280C decreases inactivated bupivacaine block similar to that found in L1280K and S1276K, 2) residue 1276C is only accessible to MTS-modification in the resting state, and 3) MTSEA may modify a native cysteine in rNav1.4 that produces an allosteric, indirect effect on bupivacaine affinity.