PubMed 12887911

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Title: The Sec61p complex is a dynamic precursor activated channel.

Authors: Andreas Wirth, Martin Jung, Christiane Bies, Michael Frien, Jens Tyedmers, Richard Zimmermann, Richard Wagner

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Cell, 2003 Jul , 12, 261-8

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Previous studies have shown that the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) contains nascent precursor polypeptide gated channels. Circumstantial evidence suggests that these channels are formed by the Sec61p complex. We reconstituted the purified Sec61p complex in a lipid bilayer and characterized its dynamics and regulation. The Sec61p complex is sufficient to form the precursor polypeptide activated channel under co- and posttranslational transport conditions. Activity of the Sec61p channel in both transport modes is induced by direct interaction with precursor protein. The Sec61p complex comprises a highly dynamic pore covering conductances corresponding to channel openings from approximately 6 to 60 A. Its properties are indistinguishable from those we observed with native ER channels, directly demonstrating that these channels are formed by the Sec61p complex.