PubMed 12852750

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Automatically associated channels: KCNQ2 , Kv7.2

Title: (S)-N-[1-(3-morpholin-4-ylphenyl)ethyl]- 3-phenylacrylamide: an orally bioavailable KCNQ2 opener with significant activity in a cortical spreading depression model of migraine.

Authors: Yong-Jin Wu, Christopher G Boissard, Corinne Greco, Valentin K Gribkoff, David G Harden, Huan He, Alexandre L'Heureux, Shing Hong Kang, Gene G Kinney, Ronald J Knox, Joanne Natale, Amy E Newton, Sanna Lehtinen-Oboma, Michael W Sinz, Digavalli V Sivarao, John E Starrett, Li-Qiang Sun, Svetlana Tertyshnikova, Mark W Thompson, David Weaver, Henry S Wong, Lei Zhang, Steven I Dworetzky

Journal, date & volume: J. Med. Chem., 2003 Jul 17 , 46, 3197-200

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(S)-N-[1-(3-Morpholin-4-ylphenyl)ethyl]-3-phenylacrylamide (2) was synthesized as an orally bioavailable KCNQ2 potassium channel opener. In a rat model of migraine, 2 demonstrated significant oral activity in reducing the total number of cortical spreading depressions induced by potassium chloride.