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Title: Identification of human Kir2.2 (KCNJ12) gene encoding functional inward rectifier potassium channel in both mammalian cells and Xenopus oocytes.

Authors: Muneshige Kaibara, Keiko Ishihara, Yoshiyuki Doi, Hideki Hayashi, Tsuguhisa Ehara, Kohtaro Taniyama

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2002 Nov 6 , 531, 250-4

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Arginine residue at position 285 (R285) in the intracellular C-terminal domain of inward rectifier potassium channel Kir2.2 is conserved in many species, but missing in previously reported human Kir2.2 sequences. We here identified the human Kir2.2 gene in normal individuals, which contained R285 in the deduced amino-acid sequence (hKir2.2/R285). All 30 individuals we examined were homozygous for Kir2.2/R285 gene. The hKir2.2/R285 was electrophysiologically functional in both mammalian cells and Xenopus oocytes. However, the hKir2.2 missing R285 was functional only in Xenopus oocytes, but not in mammalian cells. Thus, R285 in Kir2.2 is important for its functional expression in mammalian cells.