PubMed 12087807

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Automatically associated channels: ClCK1 , ClvC1 , ClvC2 , ClvC3 , ClvC4 , ClvC5 , ClvC7

Title: [Function of the CLC chloride channels and their implication in human pathology]

Authors: A Vandewalle

Journal, date & volume: , 2002 , 23, 113-8

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To date, nine chloride channels belonging to the family of CLC chloride channels have been identified. They are localized either in plasma membranes or in intracellular vesicles (endosomes or lysosomes) and can have an ubiquitus or a more restrained tissue distribution. Recent studies on ClC-K1, ClC-2, ClC-3, ClC-5 and ClC-7 knockout mice and the identification of human inherited diseases caused by mutations of some of these chloride channels (myotonia congenita for ClC-1, Bartter disease for ClC-Kb, Dent's disease for ClC-5 and osteopetrose for ClC-7) have provided lines of direct evidence of the physiological relevance and importance of these chloride channels in the transport of chloride and in the endocytosis and transcytosis of proteins in specialized cells from the kidney and other tissues.