PubMed 12568493

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Title: A calcium-activated chloride channel blocker inhibits goblet cell metaplasia and mucus overproduction.

Authors: Yuhong Zhou, Michael Shapiro, Qu Dong, Jamila Louahed, Christine Weiss, ShanHong Wan, Qiming Chen, Carl Dragwa, Dawn Savio, Minxue Huang, Catherine Fuller, Yaniv Tomer, Nicholas C Nicolaides, Michael McLane, Roy C Levitt

Journal, date & volume: Novartis Found. Symp., 2002 , 248, 150-65; discussion 165-70, 277-82

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We have previously shown that expression of a Ca2+-activated Cl- channel (mCLCA3 in mice and bCLCA1 in humans) is up-regulated along with goblet cell metaplasia and mucus overproduction in the lungs of interleukin 9 (IL9) transgenic mice, and in human primary lung cultures by IL4, IL13 and IL9. We show here that hCLCA1 expression in NCI-H292 cells specifically induces soluble gel-forming mucin production. Moreover, niflumic acid (NFA), a blocker of hCLCA1-dependent Cl- efflux, inhibits MUC5A/C production in these cells. NFA treatment during natural antigen-exposure, where mCLCA3 is greatly up-regulated in the lung, significantly reduces airway inflammation, goblet cell metaplasia and mucus overproduction in vivo. These data suggest that this Ca2+-activated Cl- channel plays an important role in epithelial-regulated inflammatory responses, including goblet cell metaplasia, and represents a potential novel therapeutic target for the control of mucus overproduction in chronic pulmonary disorders.