PubMed 15118223

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Title: Modulation of a feeding neural circuit by microinjection of K+ channel expression genes into a single identified neuron in Aplysia kurodai.

Authors: Hidekazu Arai, Tai Kubo, Tatsumi Nagahama

Journal, date & volume: Zool. Sci., 2004 Apr , 21, 369-73

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In Aplysia buccal ganglion expression genes for voltage-dependent K(+) channels (AKv1.1a) were injected into one of four electrically coupled multi-action (MA) neurons that directly inhibit jaw-closing (JC) motor neurons and may cooperatively generate their firing pattern during the feeding response. Following the DNA injection, the firing threshold increased and the spike frequency at the same current decreased in the current-induced excitation of the MA neuron; indicating a decrease in excitability of the MA neuron. This procedure also reduced the firing activity of MA neurons during the feeding-like rhythmic responses induced by the electrical nerve stimulation. Moreover, the firing pattern in JC motor neurons was remarkably changed, suggesting the effective contribution of a single MA neuron or electrically coupled MA neurons to the generation of the firing pattern in the JC motor neurons. This method appears useful for exploring the functional roles of specific neurons in complex neural circuits.