PubMed 12973680

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Automatically associated channels: Cav1.2 , Cav2.3

Title: Localization of the calcium channel subunits Cav1.2 (alpha1C) and Cav2.3 (alpha1E) in the mouse organ of Corti.

Authors: N Waka, M Knipper, J Engel

Journal, date & volume: Histol. Histopathol., 2003 Oct , 18, 1115-23

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Voltage-activated Ca2+ channels play an important role in synaptic transmission, signal processing and development. The immunohistochemical localization of Cav1.2 (alpha1C) and Cav2.3 (alpha1E) Ca2+ channels was studied in the developing and adult mouse organ of Corti using subunit-specific antibodies and fluorescent secondary antibodies with cochlear cryosections. Cav1.2 immunoreactivity has been detected from postnatal day 14 (P14) onwards at the synapses between cholinergic medial efferents and outer hair cells as revealed by co-staining with anti-synaptophysin and anti-choline acetyltransferase. Most likely the Cav1.2 immunoreactivity was located presynaptically at the site of contact of the efferent bouton with the outer hair cell which suggests a role for class C L-type Ca2+ channels in synaptic transmission of the medial efferent system. The localization of the second Ca2+ channel tested, Cav2.3, showed a pronounced change during cochlear development. From P2 until P10, Cav2.3 immunoreactivity was found in the outer spiral bundle followed by the inner spiral bundle, efferent endings and by medial efferent fibers. Around P14, Cav2.3 immunoreactivity disappeared from these structures and from P19 onwards it was observed in the basal poles of the outer hair cell membranes.