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Title: Uptake of antimonite and antimonate by arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata: Effects of chemical analogs and transporter inhibitor.

Authors: Rujira Tisarum, Yanshan Chen, Xiaoling Dong, Jason T Lessl, Lena Q Ma

Journal, date & volume: Environ. Pollut., 2015 Nov , 206, 49-55

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Antimonite (SbIII) is transported into plants via aquaglyceroporin channels but it is unknown in As-hyperaccumulator Ptreis vittata (PV). We tested the effects of SbIII analogs (arsenite-AsIII, glycerol, silicic acid-Si, and, glucose), antimonate (SbV) analog (phosphate-P), and aquaglyceroporin transporter inhibitor (silver, Ag) on the uptake of SbIII or SbV by PV gametophytes. PV gametophytes were grown in 20% Hoagland solution containing 65 μM SbIII or SbV and increasing concentrations of analogs at 65-6500 μM for 2 h or 4 h under sterile condition. After exposing to 65 μM Sb for 2 h, PV accumulated 767 mg/kg Sb in SbIII treatment and 419 mg/kg in SbV treatment. SbIII uptake by PV gametophytes was not impacted by glycerol or AsIII nor aquaglyceroporin inhibitor Ag during 2 h exposure. While Si increased SbIII uptake and glucose decreased SbIII uptake by PV gametophytes, the impact disappeared during 4 h exposure. Under P-sufficient condition, P increased SbIII uptake and decreased SbV uptake during 2 h exposure, but the effect again disappeared after 4 h. After being P-starved for 2 weeks, P decreased SbIII with no effect on SbV uptake during 2 h exposure. Our results indicated that: 1) PV gametophytes could serve as an efficient model to study Sb uptake, and 2) unique SbIII uptake by PV may be related to its trait of As hyperaccumulation.