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Title: Differentiation of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders from ultra-longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis in a cohort of Chinese patients.

Authors: Weihe Zhang, Yujuan Jiao, Lei Cui, Jinsong Jiao

Journal, date & volume: J. Neuroimmunol., 2016 Feb 15 , 291, 96-100

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This study aimed to differentiate neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD) from other causes in cases of ultra-longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis (uLETM). We retrospectively analyzed thirty-three Chinese patients with uLETM hospitalized in the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. The patients were divided into NMOSD (n=21) and non-NMOSD (n=12) groups. The NMOSD group exhibited significantly more comorbidity compared with the non-NMOSD group; moreover, the NMOSD group uniquely exhibited intractable vomiting and hiccups (IVH). The prevalence rates of cervicothoracic, area postrema (AP), and other circumventricular organ (CVO) lesions were significantly increased in the NMOSD group compared with the non-NMOSD group. Moreover, uLETM was strongly associated with NMOSD. These novel findings indicate that CVO lesions, including AP, and particularly when combined with clinical IVH, may represent a useful discriminator to differentiate NMOSD.