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Title: Transcription factors and miRNAs that regulate fetal to adult CFTR expression change are new targets for cystic fibrosis.

Authors: Victoria Viart, Anne Bergougnoux, Jennifer Bonini, Jessica Varilh, Raphaël Chiron, Olivier Tabary, Nicolas Molinari, Mireille Claustres, Magali Taulan-Cadars

Journal, date & volume: Eur. Respir. J., 2015 Jan , 45, 116-28

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The CFTR gene displays a tightly regulated tissue-specific and temporal expression. Mutations in this gene cause cystic fibrosis (CF). In this study we wanted to identify trans-regulatory elements responsible for CFTR differential expression in fetal and adult lung, and to determine the importance of inhibitory motifs in the CFTR-3'UTR with the aim of developing new tools for the correction of disease-causing mutations within CFTR. We show that lung development-specific transcription factors (FOXA, C/EBP) and microRNAs (miR-101, miR-145, miR-384) regulate the switch from strong fetal to very low CFTR expression after birth. By using miRNome profiling and gene reporter assays, we found that miR-101 and miR-145 are specifically upregulated in adult lung and that miR-101 directly acts on its cognate site in the CFTR-3'UTR in combination with an overlapping AU-rich element. We then designed miRNA-binding blocker oligonucleotides (MBBOs) to prevent binding of several miRNAs to the CFTR-3'UTR and tested them in primary human nasal epithelial cells from healthy individuals and CF patients carrying the p.Phe508del CFTR mutation. These MBBOs rescued CFTR channel activity by increasing CFTR mRNA and protein levels. Our data offer new understanding of the control of the CFTR gene regulation and new putative correctors for cystic fibrosis.