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Title: Flow- and voltage-dependent blocking effect of ethosuximide on the inward rectifier K⁺ (Kir2.1) channel.

Authors: Chiung-Wei Huang, Chung-Chin Kuo

Journal, date & volume: Pflugers Arch., 2015 Aug , 467, 1733-46

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Absence seizures are manifestations of abnormal thalamocortical oscillations characterized by spike-and-wave complexes in EEG. Ethosuximide (ETX) is one of the principal medications against absence seizures. We investigate the effect of ETX on the Kir2.1 channel, a prototypical inward rectifier K(+) channel possibly playing an important role in the setting of neuronal membrane potential. We demonstrate that the outward currents of Kir2.1 channels are significantly inhibited by intracellular ETX. We further show that the movement of neutral molecule ETX in the Kir2.1 channel is accompanied by ∼1.2 K(+), giving rise to the vivid voltage dependence of ETX unbinding rate. Moreover, the apparent affinity (K d ) of ETX in the channels are decreased by single-point mutations involving M183, E224, and S165, and especially by double mutations involving T141/S165, which always also disrupt the flux-coupling feature of ETX block. Molecular dynamics simulation demonstrates narrowing of the pore at ∼D172 by binding of ETX to S165 or T141. ETX block of the Kir2.1 channels may cause a modest but critical depolarization of the relevant neurons, decreasing available T-type Ca(2+) channels and consequently lessening pathological thalamocortical burst discharges.