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Title: Influence of tacrolimus on podocyte injury inducted by angiotensin II.

Authors: Yu Shengyou, Yu Li, Hao Zhihong, Ma Yuanyuan

Journal, date & volume: J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone Syst, 2015 Jun , 16, 260-6

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This study investigated the protective effect of FK506 in podocytes and the correlation of TRPC6 with podocyte injury repair.MPC5 were cultured in vitro, parallel with the control group, an Ang II stimulation group, and an FK506 intervention group. The apoptosis rate with flow cytometry also detected TRPC6 mRNA and protein expression by RT-PCR and Western blot, and then observed the distribution of TRPC6 with indirect immunofluorescence labeling under confocal microscope.The activities of podocytes significantly increased after FK506 intervention for 24 hours and 48 hours when compared with the Ang II stimulation group, and the apoptosis rate was markedly lower than that of the Ang II stimulation group, while in contrast to TRPC6 mRNA and protein expression.FK506 can directly act on the podocytes to inhibit Ang II-induced damage on podocyte structures and reduce the apoptosis rate of podocytes, which may be related to stabilizing TRPC6 expression and distribution in podocytes by FK506, thus maintaining the structure and function integrity of the slit diaphragm and playing a role in protecting podocytes and antiproteinuria.