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Title: A Semiconductor Chip-Based Next Generation Sequencing Procedure for the Main Pulmonary Hypertension Genes.

Authors: Juan Gómez, Julián R Reguero, Celso Alvarez, Manuel R Junquera, Ana Arango, César Morís, Eliecer Coto

Journal, date & volume: Lung, 2015 Aug , 193, 571-4

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The aim of this study was to characterize the mutational spectrum of pulmonary hypertension (PH) patients through a next generation sequencing platform. In a total of 22 patients, the BMPR2, SMAD9, CAV1, KCNK3, and EIF2AK4 genes were sequenced with semiconductor chips and the ion torrent personal genome machine. We found six putative mutations in SMAD (p.R263Q), BMPR2 (p.S301P, p.T493I), CAV1 (p.V155I), and EIF2AK4 (p.L489P, p.P1115L) in five patients. One patient was compound heterozygous for BMPR2 + SMAD mutations, and one patient was homozygous for EIF2AK4 p.P1115L. The reported procedure would facilitate the rapid mutational screening of large cohorts of PH patients.