PubMed 25948778

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.3 , SK4

Title: Impact of aging on calcium influx and potassium channel characteristics of T lymphocytes.

Authors: Szonja Kollár, László Berta, Zsófia Eszter Vásárhelyi, Attila Balog, Barna Vásárhelyi, János Rigó, Gergely Toldi

Journal, date & volume: Oncotarget, 2015 May 30 , 6, 13750-6

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Adaptive immunity and T cell function are affected by aging. Calcium influx patterns, regulated by Kv1.3 and IKCa1 potassium channels, influence T cell activation. We aimed to compare calcium influx kinetics in CD8, Th1 and Th2 cells in human peripheral blood samples obtained from five different age groups (cord blood, 10-15 ys, 25-40 ys, 45-55 ys, 60-75 ys).We measured calcium influx using flow cytometry in samples treated with or without specific inhibitors of Kv1.3 and IKCa1 channels (MGTX and TRAM, respectively).Calcium influx was higher in Th1 cells of adults, however, its extent decreased again with aging. Importantly, these changes were not detected in Th2 cells, where the pattern of calcium influx kinetics is similar throughout all investigated age groups. MGTX had a more pronounced inhibitory effect on calcium influx in Th2 cells, while in Th1 cells the same was true for TRAM in the 25-40 ys and 45-55 ys groups. Calcium influx of CD8 cells were inhibited to a similar extent by both applied inhibitors in these groups, and had no effect in the elderly.Altered lymphocyte potassium channel inhibitory patterns, regulators of calcium influx kinetics, might contribute to the development of age-related changes of T cell function.