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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPC , TRPC1 , TRPC4

Title: The Roles of Rasd1 small G proteins and leptin in the activation of TRPC4 transient receptor potential channels.

Authors: Jinhong Wie, Byung Joo Kim, Jongyun Myeong, Kotdaji Ha, Seung Joo Jeong, Dongki Yang, Euiyong Kim, Ju-Hong Jeon, Insuk So

Journal, date & volume: Channels (Austin), 2015 , 9, 186-95

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TRPC4 is important regulators of electrical excitability in gastrointestinal myocytes, pancreatic β-cells and neurons. Much is known regarding the assembly and function of these channels including TRPC1 as a homotetramer or a heteromultimer and the roles that their interacting proteins play in controlling these events. Further, they are one of the best-studied targets of G protein-coupled receptors and growth factors in general and Gαi/o and Gαq protein coupled receptor or epidermal growth factor and leptin in particular. However, our understanding of the roles of small G proteins and leptin on TRPC4 channels is still rudimentary. We discuss potential roles for Rasd1 small G protein and leptin in channel activation in addition to their known role in cellular signaling.