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Title: Polymorphisms in Ion Transport Genes Are Associated with Eggshell Mechanical Property.

Authors: Zhongyi Duan, Sirui Chen, Congjiao Sun, Fengying Shi, Guiqin Wu, Aiqiao Liu, Guiyun Xu, Ning Yang

Journal, date & volume: PLoS ONE, 2015 , 10, e0130160

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Eggshell mechanical property traits such as eggshell breaking strength (ESS), eggshell thickness (EST) and eggshell weight (ESW) are most common and important indexes to evaluate eggshell quality in poultry industry. Uterine ion transporters involve in eggshell formation and might be associated with eggshell mechanical property traits. In this study, 99 SNPs in 15 ion transport genes were selected to genotype 976 pedigreed hens of Rhode Island Red. ESS, EST and ESW were measured for each bird at 55 weeks of age. The association study showed that 14 SNPs in 8 genes were significantly related (p < 0.05) with at least one trait, and their contributions to phenotypic variance ranged from 0.23% to 4.14%. Both ATP2A3 and SLC4A5 had a significant effect on all the three traits. Strong linkage disequilibrium (LD) was detected among SNPs in four genes: ATP2A3, ITPR1, SLC8A3, SCNN1a. The significant effects of those diplotypes on eggshell mechanical property traits were found, and their contributions to phenotypic variance ranged from 0.50% to 0.70%. It was concluded that the identified SNPs and diplotypes in this study were potential markers influencing the eggshell mechanical properties, which could contribute to the genetic improvement of eggshell quality.