PubMed 26763416

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPA , TRPA1 , TRPV , TRPV1 , TRPV4

Title: An Unexpected Role for TRPV4 in Serotonin-Mediated Itch.

Authors: Lindsey M Snyder, Marissa S Kuzirian, Sarah E Ross

Journal, date & volume: J. Invest. Dermatol., 2016 Jan , 136, 7-9

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Previous studies have revealed that TRPV1 and TRPA1 function downstream of many itch receptors, where they mediate inward current to trigger action potentials in primary afferents. Although other TRP channels, such as TRPV4, are expressed in primary afferents, whether or not they play an analogous role in itch was previously unknown. Now, Akiyama et al. provide evidence that TRPV4 is a key mediator of serotonin-induced itch. This finding is important because it uncovers an unanticipated role for TRPV4 in itch, thereby identifying a novel therapeutic target.