PubMed 27174053

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Automatically associated channels: KCNK3 , KCNK9 , KCNQ1 , Kv7.1 , SK3

Title: Grafting voltage and pharmacological sensitivity in potassium channels.

Authors: Xi Lan, Chunyan Fan, Wei Ji, Fuyun Tian, Tao Xu, Zhaobing Gao

Journal, date & volume: Cell Res., 2016 May 13 , ,

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A classical voltage-gated ion channel consists of four voltage-sensing domains (VSDs). However, the roles of each VSD in the channels remain elusive. We developed a GVTDT (Graft VSD To Dimeric TASK3 channels that lack endogenous VSDs) strategy to produce voltage-gated channels with a reduced number of VSDs. TASK3 channels exhibit a high host tolerance to VSDs of various voltage-gated ion channels without interfering with the intrinsic properties of the TASK3 selectivity filter. The constructed channels, exemplified by the channels grafted with one or two VSDs from Kv7.1 channels, exhibit classical voltage sensitivity, including voltage-dependent opening and closing. Furthermore, the grafted Kv7.1 VSD transfers the potentiation activity of benzbromarone, an activator that acts on the VSDs of the donor channels, to the constructed channels. Our study indicates that one VSD is sufficient to voltage-dependently gate the pore and provides new insight into the roles of VSDs.