PubMed 27227024

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Title: TRPM3 in temperature sensing and beyond.

Authors: Katharina Held, Thomas Voets, Joris Vriens

Journal, date & volume: Temperature (Austin), 2015 Apr-Jun , 2, 201-13

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TRPM3, also known as melastatin 2 (MLSN2), LTRPC3 (long TRPC3) and KIAA1616, is a member of the TRPM subfamily of transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels. The channel was originally identified as a volume-regulated ion channel that can be activated upon reduction of the extracellular osmolality. Later, the channel was proposed to be involved in the modulation of insulin release in pancreatic islets. However, new evidence has uncovered a role of TRPM3 as a thermosensitive nociceptor channel implicated in the detection of noxious heat. The channel is functionally expressed in a subset of neurons of the somatosensory system and can be activated by heat. The purpose of the present review is to summarize existing knowledge of the expression, biophysics and pharmacology of TRPM3 and to serve as a guide for future studies aimed at improving the understanding of the mechanism of thermosensation and proposed physiological functions of TRPM3.