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Title: Role of the ion channel, transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 (TRPV1), in allergic asthma.

Authors: Katie Baker, Kristof Raemdonck, Bilel Dekkak, Robert J Snelgrove, John Ford, Fisnik Shala, Maria G Belvisi, Mark A Birrell

Journal, date & volume: Respir. Res., 2016 , 17, 67

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Asthma prevalence has increased world-wide especially in children; thus there is a need to develop new therapies that are safe and effective especially for patients with severe/refractory asthma. CD4(+) T cells are thought to play a central role in disease pathogenesis and associated symptoms. Recently, TRPV1 has been demonstrated to regulate the activation and inflammatory properties of CD4(+) cells. The aim of these experiments was to demonstrate the importance of CD4(+) T cells and the role of TRPV1 in an asthma model using a clinically ready TRPV1 inhibitor (XEN-D0501) and genetically modified (GM) animals.Mice (wild type, CD4 (-/-) or TRPV1 (-/-)) and rats were sensitised with antigen (HDM or OVA) and subsequently topically challenged with the same antigen. Key features associated with an allergic asthma type phenotype were measured: lung function (airway hyperreactivity [AHR] and late asthmatic response [LAR]), allergic status (IgE levels) and airway inflammation.CD4(+) T cells play a central role in both disease model systems with all the asthma-like features attenuated. Targeting TRPV1 using either GM mice or a pharmacological inhibitor tended to decrease IgE levels, airway inflammation and lung function changes.Our data suggests the involvement of TRPV1 in allergic asthma and thus we feel this target merits further investigation.