PubMed 25583094

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Title: ATP-dependent potassium channels and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Authors: Dianne Heloisa Bonfanti, Larissa Pontes Alcazar, Priscila Akemi Arakaki, Laysa Toschi Martins, Bruna Carla Agustini, Fabiane Gomes de Moraes Rego, Henrique Ravanhol Frigeri

Journal, date & volume: Clin. Biochem., 2015 May , 48, 476-82

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Diabetes mellitus is a public health problem, which affects a millions worldwide. Most diabetes cases are classified as type 2 diabetes mellitus, which is highly associated with obesity. Type 2 diabetes is considered a multifactorial disorder, with both environmental and genetic factors contributing to its development. An important issue linked with diabetes development is the failure of the insulin releasing mechanism involving abnormal activity of the ATP-dependent potassium channel, KATP. This channel is a transmembrane protein encoded by the KCNJ11 and ABCC8 genes. Furthermore, polymorphisms in these genes have been linked to type 2 diabetes because of the role of KATP in insulin release. While several genetic variations have been reported to be associated with this disease, the E23K polymorphism is most commonly associated with this pathology, as well as to obesity. Here, we review the molecular genetics of the potassium channel and discusses its most described polymorphisms and their associations with type 2 diabetes mellitus.