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Title: Transient receptor potential vanilloid 2-mediated shear-stress responses in C2C12 myoblasts are regulated by serum and extracellular matrix.

Authors: Felix Kurth, Alfredo Franco-Obregón, Marco Casarosa, Simon K Küster, Karin Wuertz-Kozak, Petra S Dittrich

Journal, date & volume: FASEB J., 2015 Nov , 29, 4726-37

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The developmental sensitivity of skeletal muscle to mechanical forces is unparalleled in other tissues. Calcium entry via reputedly mechanosensitive transient receptor potential (TRP) channel classes has been shown to play an essential role in both the early proliferative stage and subsequent differentiation of skeletal muscle myoblasts, particularly TRP canonical (TRPC) 1 and TRP vanilloid (TRPV) 2. Here we show that C2C12 murine myoblasts respond to fluid flow-induced shear stress with increments in cytosolic calcium that are largely initiated by the mechanosensitive opening of TRPV2 channels. Response to fluid flow was augmented by growth in low extracellular serum concentration (5 vs. 20% fetal bovine serum) by greater than 9-fold and at 18 h in culture, coincident with the greatest TRPV2 channel expression under identical conditions (P < 0.02). Fluid flow responses were also enhanced by substrate functionalization with laminin, rather than with fibronectin, agreeing with previous findings that the gating of TRPV2 is facilitated by laminin. Fluid flow-induced calcium increments were blocked by ruthenium red (27%) and SKF-96365 (38%), whereas they were unaltered by 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate, further corroborating that TRPV2 channels play a predominant role in fluid flow mechanosensitivity over that of TRPC1 and TRP melastatin (TRPM) 7.