PubMed 26411002

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPV , TRPV1 , TRPV3

Title: New Derivatives of Natural Acyclic Guanidine Alkaloids with TRPV Receptor-Regulating Properties.

Authors: Ekaterina K Ogurtsova, Tatyana N Makarieva, Yuliya V Korolkova, Yaroslav A Andreev, Irina V Mosharova, Vladimir A Denisenko, Pavel S Dmitrenok, Yeon-Ju Lee, Eugene V Grishin, Valentin A Stonik

Journal, date & volume: Nat Prod Commun, 2015 Jul , 10, 1171-3

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The guanidine alkaloids, dihydropulchranin A (2), prepared from pulchranin A from the sponge Monanchora pulchra, and hexadecylguanidine (3), a synthetic analog of pulchranins, were studied for their TRPV channel-regulating activities. Compound 2 was active as an inhibitor of rTRPV1 and hTRPV3 receptors with EC50 values of 24.3 and 59.1 μM, respectively. Hexadecylguanidine (3) was not active against these receptors.