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Title: Expression-profiling of apoptosis induced by ablation of the long ncRNA TRPM2-AS in prostate cancer cell.

Authors: Giovanni Lavorgna, Fulvio Chiacchiera, Alberto Briganti, Francesco Montorsi, Diego Pasini, Andrea Salonia

Journal, date & volume: Genom Data, 2015 Mar , 3, 4-5

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We recently identified the long non-coding RNA (ncRNA) TRPM2-AS as a key regulator of survival in prostate cancer [1]. This essential role, coupled to the TRPM2-AS low-expression levels in healthy tissues, makes this ncRNA a suitable therapeutic target for further clinical studies. To get insights into the survival mechanism controlled by this molecule, we ablated its expression in prostate cancer cells and performed a genome-wide analysis of the transcripts differentially regulated in dying cells. Here, we describe in detail the experimental system, methods and quality control for the generation of the microarray data associated with our recent publication [1]. The data are related to [1]. Data have been deposited to the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database repository with the dataset identifier GSE40687.