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Title: Characterization of the Chloride Channel-Like, AtCLCg, Involved in Chloride Tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Authors: Chi Tam Nguyen, Astrid Agorio, Mathieu Jossier, Sylvain Depré, Sébastien Thomine, Sophie Filleur

Journal, date & volume: Plant Cell Physiol., 2015 Nov 9 , ,

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In plant cells, anion channels and transporters are essential for key functions such as nutrition, ion homeostasis and resistance to biotic or abiotic stresses. We characterized AtCLCg, a member of the chloride channel (CLC) family in Arabidopsis localized in the vacuolar membrane. When grown on NaCl or KCl, atclcg knock-out mutants showed a decrease in biomass. In the presence of NaCl, these mutants overaccumulate chloride in shoots. No difference in growth was detected in response to osmotic stress by mannitol. These results suggest a physiological function of AtCLCg in the chloride homeostasis during NaCl stress. AtCLCg shares a high degree of identity (62%) with AtCLCc, another vacuolar CLC essential for NaCl tolerance. However, the atclcc atclccg double mutant is not more sensitive to NaCl than single mutants. As the effects of both mutations are not additive, gene expression analyses were performed and revealed that: (i)AtCLCg is expressed in mesophyll cells, hydathodes and phloem while AtCLCc is expressed in stomata; and (ii)AtCLCg is repressed in the atclcc mutant background, and vice versa. Altogether these results demonstrate that both AtCLCc and AtCLCg are important for tolerance to excess chloride but not redundant, and form part of a regulatory network controlling chloride sensitivity.