PubMed 26563429

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Title: Fluid shear triggers microvilli formation via mechanosensitive activation of TRPV6.

Authors: Shigenori Miura, Koji Sato, Midori Kato-Negishi, Tetsuhiko Teshima, Shoji Takeuchi

Journal, date & volume: Nat Commun, 2015 , 6, 8871

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Microvilli are cellular membrane protrusions present on differentiated epithelial cells, which can sense and interact with the surrounding fluid environment. Biochemical and genetic approaches have identified a set of factors involved in microvilli formation; however, the underlying extrinsic regulatory mechanism of microvilli formation remains largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that fluid shear stress (FSS), an external mechanical cue, serves as a trigger for microvilli formation in human placental trophoblastic cells. We further reveal that the transient receptor potential, vanilloid family type-6 (TRPV6) calcium ion channel plays a critical role in flow-induced Ca(2+) influx and microvilli formation. TRPV6 regulates phosphorylation of Ezrin via a Ca(2+)-dependent phosphorylation of Akt; this molecular event is necessary for microvillar localization of Ezrin in response to FSS. Our findings provide molecular insight into the microvilli-mediated mechanoresponsive cellular functions, such as epithelial absorption, signal perception and mechanotransduction.