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Title: Phenomenology and energetics of diffusion across cell phase states.

Authors: Md Ashrafuzzaman

Journal, date & volume: Saudi J Biol Sci, 2015 Nov , 22, 666-73

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Cell based transport properties have been mathematically addressed. Cell contained cross boundary diffusion of materials has been explained using valid formalisms and related analytical expressions have been developed. Various distinguishable physical structures and their properties raise different general structure specific diffusion mechanisms and controlled transport related parameters. Some of these parameters play phenomenological roles and some cause regulatory effects. The cell based compartments may be divided into three major physical phase states namely liquid, plasma and solid phase states. Transport of ions, nutrients, small molecules like proteins, etc. across inter phase states and intraphase states follows general transport related formalisms. Creation of some localized permanent and/or temporary structures e.g., ion channels, clustering of constituents, etc. and the transitions between such structures appear as regulators of the transport mechanisms. In this article, I have developed mainly a theoretical analysis of the commonly observed cell transport phenomena. I have attempted to develop formalisms on general cell based diffusion followed by a few numerical computations to address the analytical expression phenomenologically. I have then extended the analysis to adopting with the local structure originated energetics. Independent or correlated molecular transport naturally relies on some general parameters that define the nature of local cell environment as well as on some occasionally raised or transiently active stochastic resonance due to localized interactions. Short and long range interaction energies play crucial roles in this regard. Physical classification of cellular compartments has led us developing analytical expressions on both biologically observed diffusion mechanisms and the diffusions's occasional stochasticity causing energetics. These analytical expressions help us address the diffusion phenomena generally considering the physical properties of the biostructures across the diffusion pathways. A specific example case of single molecule transport and localized interaction energetics in a specific cell phase has been utilized to address the diffusion quite clearly. This article helps to address the mechanisms of cell based diffusion and nutrient movements and thus helps develop strategic templates to manipulate the diffusion mechanisms. Application of the theoretical knowledge into designing or discovering drugs or small molecule inhibitors targeting cell based structures may open up new avenues in biomedical sciences.