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Title: [The change of transient receptor potential vanilloid-1 and interleukin-1α in periodontal tissue during experimental tooth movement].

Authors: Yu-Nan Gao, Hong Zhou, Yong-Jin Zhu, Hu Qiao

Journal, date & volume: Shanghai Kou Qiang Yi Xue, 2013 Feb , 22, 1-6

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To investigate the expression of TRPV1 and IL-1α in Sprague-Dawley rats' periodontal ligament (PLD) during experimental tooth movement of different orthodontic force and duration, and explore the role of TRPV1 and IL-1α in orthodontic pain.66 Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into control group (n=6), sham operation group (n=6) and experimental group (n=54) randomly. Orthodontic force was applied on right first maxillary molar in rats and the changes of TRPV1 and IL-1α expression were detected by real-time PCR at 4 h, 8 h, 1 d (three subgroups were added according to different forces: 1 d-30 g, 1 d-50 g, 1 d-80 g ), 3 d, 5 d, 7 d, 14 d after tooth movement. The data was analyzed using SPSS 13.0 software pakage.Following the experimental tooth movement, the expression of TRPV1 and IL-1α in periodontal tissues were significantly up-regulated from 4 h to 7 d, with a peak at 1 d and returned to normal level at 1 week. The greater force applied during experimental tooth movement at 1 d, the higher expression of TRPV1 and IL-1α were detected in periodontal tissues.Experimental tooth movement leads to regular change of TRPV1 and IL-1α expression in periodontal tissues, which indicates that TRPV1 and IL-1α may play an important role in orthodontic pain.