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Title: LASSBio-1135: a dual TRPV1 antagonist and anti-TNF-alpha compound orally effective in models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Authors: Cleverton K F Lima, Rafael M Silva, Renata B Lacerda, Bruna L R Santos, Rafaela V Silva, Luciana S Amaral, Luís E M Quintas, Carlos A M Fraga, Eliezer J Barreiro, Marilia Z P Guimaraes, Ana L P Miranda

Journal, date & volume: PLoS ONE, 2014 , 9, e99510

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LASSBio-1135 is an imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine derivative with high efficacy in screening models of nociception and inflammation, presumed as a weak COX-2 inhibitor. In order to tease out its mechanism of action, we investigated others possible target for LASSBio-1135, such as TNF-α and TRPV1, to better characterize it as a multitarget compound useful in the treatment of chronic pain. TRPV1 modulation was assessed in TRPV1-expressing Xenopus oocytes against capsaicin and low pH-induced current. Modulation of TNF-α production was evaluated in culture of macrophages stimulated with LPS. In vivo efficacy of LASSBio-1135 was investigated in carrageenan and partial sciatic ligation-induced thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia. Corroborating its previous demonstration of efficacy in a model of capsaicin-induced hyperalgesia, LASSBio-1135 blocks capsaicin-elicited currents in a non-competitive way with an IC50 of 580 nM as well as low pH-induced current at 50 µM. As an additional action, LASSBio-1135 inhibited TNF-α release in these cells stimulated by LPS with an IC50 of 546 nM by reducing p38 MAPK phosphorilation. Oral administration of 100 µmol x Kg(-1) LASSBio-1135 markedly reduced thermal hyperalgesia induced by carrageenan, however at 10 µmol x Kg(-1) only a partial reduction was observed at the 4th h. Neutrophil recruitment and TNF-α production after carrageenan stimulus was also inhibited by the treatment with LASSBio-1135. Modulating TRPV1 and TNF-α production, two key therapeutic targets of neuropathic pain, 100 µmol x Kg(-1) LASSBio-1135 was orally efficacious in reversing thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia produced by partial sciatic ligation 7-11 days after surgery without provoking hyperthermia, a common side effect of TRPV1 antagonists. In conclusion LASSBio-1135, besides being a weak COX-2 inhibitor, is a non-competitive TRPV1 antagonist and a TNF-α inhibitor. As a multitarget compound, LASSBio-1135 is orally efficacious in a model of neuropathic pain without presenting hyperthermia.