PubMed 24964842

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Title: [Decreased amplitude of [Ca²⁺]i elevation induced by menthol in pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells of pulmonary hypertensive rats].

Authors: Gai-Ying Chen, Hai-Xia Jiao, Ming-Yue Wang, Rui-Xing Wang, Mo-Jun Lin

Journal, date & volume: Sheng Li Xue Bao, 2014 Jun 25 , 66, 267-75

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The study was designed to explore the alteration of intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca²⁺]i), induced by transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) channel-specific agonist menthol, in pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) between control and pulmonary hypertensive (PH) rats. PH rat models were established by means of chronic hypoxia (CH) and monocrotaline (MCT) injection, respectively. PASMCs from control and PH rats were cultured. The change of [Ca²⁺]i in PASMCs induced by menthol, and the effect of TRPM8 channel-specific antagonist BCTC on the change of [Ca²⁺]i, were observed. Cellular localization of TRPM8 was examined by using immunohistochemistry. Results showed that menthol increased [Ca²⁺]i in the control PASMCs both in Ca²⁺ -normal and Ca²⁺ - free Tyrode's solutions, and at the same time BCTC could inhibit these two kinds of elevations. Compared with the control group, elevations of [Ca²⁺]i were decreased notably in CH- and MCT-pretreated PASMCs superfused with 2 mmol/L Ca²⁺ - or 0 Ca²⁺ -Tyrode's solutions. Immunohistochemical localization experiments showed that the whole PASMCs were dyed brown except for the nucleus. This study verified that TRPM8 exists both in membrane and sarcoplasmic reticulum of PASMCs. In addition, CH- and MCT-pretreatment could independently down-regulate the Ca²⁺ influx and Ca²⁺ release mediated by TRPM8 channel.