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Title: [Effects of calcium-activated chloride channels on vascular activity of rat cerebral basilar artery].

Authors: Rui Wang, Li Li, Ke-tao Ma, Jun-qiang Si

Journal, date & volume: Sheng Li Xue Bao, 2014 Jun 25 , 66, 295-301

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This study investigated the role of calcium-activated Cl⁻ channels (CaCCs) in mediating vasomotor activity of cerebral basilar artery (BA) of Wistar rat. Pressure myograph was used to examine the changes in diameter of isolated BA to vasoactive reagents. The results showed that (1) The rate of pressure-induced vasomotor activity was 78.6% (n = 28) in BA from 0 to 100 mmHg working pressure. The contractile phase of the response was faster than the relaxation phase; (2) The amplitude of contraction was (62.6 ± 6.4) µm (n = 22), the frequency of contraction was variable and the highest value was 8.0 ± 2.3 per 5 min at 60 mmHg working pressure (n = 22); (3) The pressure-induced vasomotor activity of BA was markedly attenuated when Ca²⁺ was removed from medium; (4) The pressure-induced vasomotor activity was blocked by voltage dependent Ca²⁺ channel blocker nimodipine; (5) The pressure-induced vasomotor was inhibited by CaCC antagonists NFA and NPPB. These results suggest that the pressure-induced vasomotor activity of isolated BA is associated with Ca²⁺ influx that activates CaCCs.