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Title: A combination of topical antiseptics for the treatment of sore throat blocks voltage-gated neuronal sodium channels.

Authors: Nilufar Foadi, Regina Campos de Oliveira, Vanessa Buchholz, Carsten Stoetzer, Florian Wegner, Igor Pilawski, Gertrud Haeseler, Martin Leuwer, Jörg Ahrens

Journal, date & volume: Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch. Pharmacol., 2014 Oct , 387, 991-1000

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Amylmetacresol and dichloro-benzylalcohol are ingredients of lozenges used for the treatment of sore throat. In a former in vitro study, a local anaesthetic-like effect of these substances has been described. Since amylmetacresol and dichloro-benzylalcohol are co-administered in over-the-counter lozenges, the intention of this study is to evaluate the in vitro effects of the combination of these compounds on the voltage-gated sodium channel. We analysed the block of inward sodium currents induced by the combination of amylmetacresol, dichloro-benzylalcohol and the local anaesthetic lidocaine. Tonic and use-dependent block and effects on the inactivated channel state of the neuronal sodium channel were examined. Therefore, the α-subunit of the voltage-gated NaV1.2 sodium channel was heterologously expressed in HEK 293 cells in vitro. Inward sodium currents were investigated in the whole-cell configuration of the patch-clamp technique. The combination of amylmetacresol and dichloro-benzylalcohol and the combination of amylmetacresol and lidocaine induced a block of resting and inactivated sodium channels both displaying a pronounced block at the inactivated channel state. In addition, the combination of all three compounds also resulted in a voltage-dependent block of inward sodium currents. While use-dependent block by co-application of amylmetacresol and dichloro-benzylalcohol was moderate (<20 %), lidocaine and amylmetacresol induced a robust use-dependent block (up to 50 %). This study demonstrates local anaesthetic-like effects of a combination of amylmetacresol and dichloro-benzylalcohol as established ingredients of lozenges. In the presence of amylmetacresol, dichloro-benzylalcohol and lidocaine, a prominent block of inward sodium currents is apparent.