PubMed 25059284

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Automatically associated channels: TRP , TRPM , TRPM2

Title: Oxidative stress increases pulmonary vascular permeability in diabetic rats through activation of transient receptor potential melastatin 2 channels.

Authors: Silu Lu, Lusha Xiang, John S Clemmer, Peter N Mittwede, Robert L Hester

Journal, date & volume: Microcirculation, 2014 Nov , 21, 754-60

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In vitro superoxide activates pulmonary endothelial TRPM2 channels and increases Kf . We hypothesized that pulmonary capillary Kf is increased in a model of type I diabetes due to elevated vascular superoxide and resultant TRPM2 channel activation.Type I diabetes was induced in Zucker rats using STZ. Half of the STZ animals were treated with apocynin, a NOX inhibitor. After four weeks, lung Kf was measured in the isolated lung in the presence or absence of TRPM2 inhibitors (2-APB and FA). In an additional set of experiments, Kf was measured in nondiabetic Zucker rats after applying the superoxide donor (PMS).As compared to control rats, hyperglycemic rats exhibited increased vascular superoxide and Kf , along with decreased lung vascular TRPM2-L expression. Apocynin treatment reduced superoxide and Kf in hyperglycemic rats with no effect in control rats. TRPM2 channel inhibition decreased Kf in hyperglycemic rats with no effect in control rats. PMS increased the lung Kf in control rats, with TRPM2 inhibition attenuating this response.Diabetic rats exhibit a TRPM2-mediated increase in lung Kf , which is associated with increased TRPM2 activation and increased vascular superoxide levels.